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AME Automotive meets Electronics

Technology has been changing in many dimensions

The first change has been the transition from combustion engines to electric drives, the second is the rapidly changing E/E architecture, and the third is the movement away from a car as a vehicle of transport to mobility as a service. Along with these changes, we see the need for new and more complex tools and processes. The focus of the conference AmE 2022 is oriented towards these topics.

The first topic is Mobility of the Future, 
addressing issues arising from the new kind of the car’s future usage. One major focus is on connectivity and all related topics concerning privacy, safety and security. Developments in the future mobility will be characterized by a move away from mechanical development towards highly sophisticated electronic systems with more computational power, new operating systems and application software encompassing today‘s classical algorithms as well as algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

The second subject Development Methodology is devoted to the innovated development chain, covering also functional safety aspects as well as testing and validation & verification. The third topic Technologies for the Future addresses the tools, allowing to develop safe and secure software and services.

AmE 2022 allows industry and academia to freely discuss technical issues and exchange ideas.

It is an excellent platform for presenting latest research work as well as technical implementations from industry. Last but not least: the social events of the AmE showed that the attendees have also other interests beside technology.

Automotive meets Electronics – and we would like to meet you!

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung und die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung erhalten Sie unter: https://www.ame-konferenz.de/de